Heza Valentine Pine
Palomino Stallion
This is a super bred horse with an outstanding disposition. He rides like a dream and has the natural cow in him.  His colts are "cowy" and have speed plus disposition.  The people that have been riding these colts are impressed with their attitude and willingness to work.
Heza Valintine Pine Aledo Blue Checkmate King Glo
H-0.0 P-9.0
Mr Joe Glo
H-16.0 P-30.0
Lucky Joe Five H-4.0 P-8.0
Squaw\'s Glo
Miss Gold Edred
H-1.0 P-0.0
Eddie Red Rose
Gold Margie
War Glo Hen Mr War Glo
H-2.0 P-3.0
Mr Joe Glo H-16.0 P-30.0
War Leo\'s Doll H-19.0 P-94.0
Sycamore Sage Hen Aledo Joe Bar H-26.0 P-2.5
Sage Hen\'s Chic
Miss Fine Pine Pine Wampy
H-17.0 P-26.5
Poco Pine
H-135.0 P-17.0
Poco Bueno H-37.0 P-8.0
Pretty Rosalie H-1.0 P-0.0
Annie Lee Cody Bill Cody H-97.0 P-0.0
Annie Lee S
Baby Doll Burke King Burke
H-1.0 P-21.5
Miss Sedig
Ko Ko Laine Danny Buck
Dusty Storm
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