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Working Quarter Horses...With Color!
The Origin of Krogman Quarter Horses
Louie Krogman
Founder of Krogman Quarter Horses
pictured with Paprika Pine
Louie was born on January 18, 1902, in Sibley, Iowa. He was the seventh of fifteen children. When Louie was a toddler, his Father, Frank Sr., his Mother, Agnes, and family moved from Iowa to a little place called Dixon, S.D. Then on May 10, 1917, the family moved to Mellette County, home steading ten miles north of White River, S.D. There, Louie helped on the ranch with the horses. One season his Father shipped thirteen carloads of horses back to Iowa to be sold at auction. When Louie was young, his Father always had 75 to 100 brood mares on the place. They always had 12 to 15 stallions in their stud barn, mostly work horses. Louie and his father would go around the countryside breeding outside mares for other farmers.

When Louie left home, he acquired land nine miles south of White River and that is the present location of the Krogman Quarter Horse ranch today.

Louie always ran a lot of horses on his place. One summer he sold 2500 head of horses off of his ranch. He sold 600 to a man by the name of Art Watson in one day. Then that fall he sold 728 through the sale ring in White River, which Louie also owned .

Louie started his Quarter Horse business in 1950 at the Denver Stock Show. He brought a yearling stallion that stood Grand Champion at halter. The colt's name was Tom B Glover by Little Tom B by King. Louie kept a lot of mares out of Tom B Glover and built his Registered Quarter Horse herd from that foundation.

Louie passed away on December 6, 1991.  Louie's wife, Eunice and eight children (Ronnie, Dorothy, Barbetta, Stanley, Casey, Steve, Lorena, Neil) are all involved in Krogman Quarter Horses.  The Louie Krogman Family continues to raise foundation Quarter Horses.
Louie's Stallions
Throughout The Years

Half Bar
son of Three Bars TB

Pokey Dad
by Pokey Dun
grandson of Poco Bueno

Buckaroo Jess
by Sitting Bull

Toad McCue
by Toad
grandson of Joe Bailey

Krog's Star

by Baldy Pat Star
by Pat Star Jr

son of Krog's Star
and out of a daughter of Texas Tom

Clab's Bar Leo
by Royal Fun
by Royal Bar

Leo 3 
by Delleo
by Leo

Krog's Leo and Krog's Laddy,
both sons of Leo 3

Folly Bird
by Good Bird TB
and out of a daughter of Bob's Folly

Sugar Pierre
by Lucky Pierre
and out of a daughter of Sugar Bars

Majestic Spinner
son of Majestic Dell
and out of granddaughter of Sugar Bars

Redmount Blue

by Keep The Fire
by Robert Redford

Paprika Pine
by Barry Pine
by Poco Pine
Stallions Owned By
The Louie Krogman Family

Docs Shady Blue
by Redmount Blue

Watch Pep Up
by Watch Joe Jack

Zippo Blue Pine
by Zippo Pat Bars

Smart Little Romeo
by Smart Little Rondee

Douglas Don
by Paprika Pine
Krogs Leo Mount
by Redmount Blue
Tribute To Louie

Louie Krogman 1902 - 1991

You were my husband
You were my father
You were my grandfather
You were my great grandfather
You were my brother
You were my uncle
You were my friend
You were my educator
You were my boss
You were a cowboy
You were a rancher
You were a horse trader
You were a businessman
You were a joke teller

... We ALL Miss You Very Much!