Krogs Blue Limo
Gray Stallion
April 14, 1996

Limo is a stallion that we sold as a colt. 
He has sired some beautiful colts for
Holmes Quarter Horses.  After we lost
Shade, we were lucky to get Limo back
and we hope he produces colts like his sire
did.  We really like this outstanding
Krogs Blue Limo Docs Shady Blue Remount Blue Keep The Fire
H-36.0 P-45.0
Robert Redford
H-169.0 P-0.0
Frosty Money
Lura\'s Rapid One Rapid Bar
Lura Tivio
Mounts Shady Lady
H-1.0 P-0.0
Hill Mount
H-16.0 P-6.0
Music Mount
Fly Kimble
Snoopy Bar Gal Bar Mike
Ragged Sox
Benitos Angel Benito Bar Jack
H-17.0 P-27.0
Doc\'s Benito Bar
H-26.0 P-12.5
Doc Bar
Sally Jack
H-1.0 P-0.0
Two Eyed Jack
Sally Skeeter
Tardys Baby Tardy\'s Senor I
H-0.0 p-2.0
Tardy Too
Dusty Kansas
Triangle Babe Babe Cody
Trix Triangle
Eager Ellen Paprika Pine   Poco Pine
H-135.0 P-17.0
Poco Bueno
Pretty Rosalie
Codalena Bill Cody
Watt\'s Niki
Diamond Isle Diamond Chip Silver King
Scar Face S
Dusty Babe Dusty Hancock
803 Babe
Krogs Scamp Krog\'s Laddy Leo 3 Delleo
Side\'s Sadie
Miss Steel 3 Post Card
Miss Steel 2
Pokey Sis Pokey Dad
H-0.0 P-4.0
Pokey Dun
Rio Miss
Dakota Nell Texas Joe Dietrich
Dakota Sally
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