Paprika Pine
Red Roan Stallion

We lost "Pappy" in 1993.  He sired 388 foals over 13 years
and proved to be the strongest breeding stallion we've
used.  he sired foals with small, Quarter Horse heads,
clean throat latches, powerful hindquarters, cow sense,
and athletic ability.  His influence continues through the
progeny we have producing on our ranch today. 
Paprika Pine Barry Pine
H- 19.0 P- 62.0
Poco Pine
H- 135.0 P- 17.0
Poco Bueno
H- 37.0 P- 8.0
Miss Taylor
Pretty Rosalie
1943 Dun
H- 1.0 P- 0.0
Pretty Boy
Waggoner Mare
Codalena Bill Cody
H- 97.0 P- 0.0
Watt\'s Niki
H- 2.0 P- 0.0
Nicky 30
Matador Mare
Diamond Isle Diamond Chip
H- 1.0 P- 1.0
Silver King Old Sorrel
Cleg Mare
Scar Face S Bailey 1
Mare by Midnight
Dusty Babe Dusty Hancock Roan Hancock
Triangle Lady 12
803 Babe
H- 2.0 P- 0.0
Red Joe of Arizona
Dreamy 1
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