Watch Jo Sunup
Palamino Stallion
April 12, 1998

Sunup is a very nice stallion.  This will be
our first crop of colts out of him.  He is very
well broke and is a joy to be around.
Watch Jo Sunup Watch Jo Pac Watch Jo Jack Cody Watch Joe Jack
H-225.0 P-201.0
Two Eyed Jack
H-217.0 P-65.5
Two D Two H-42.0 P-30.5
Triangle Tookie
Watch Jo Moore
H-27.0 P-0.0
Joe M Moore H-60.0 P-0.0
Watch Poise
Chips Golden Girl Gold Chip Bailey Gold King Bailey
Farm Lass H-9.0 P-0.0
Sissy Leo Bailey King Leo Bailey H-2.0 P-0.0
Musty Gold Pac
Paytons Pac Bailey Pacific Bailey
H-24.0 P-0.0
Gold Pacific Gold King Bailey
South Pacific
Nell Bert McCue Wyatt McCue
Sue Nell Bert
Ruby Mae Bar Barleo Three Bars TB
Dwights Leona
Grulla May Bar Bar Money
Smoky K Sage
Krogs Sizzl Pine Paprika Pine Barry Pine
H-19.0 P-62.0
Poco Pine
H-135.0 P-17.0
Diamond Isle Diamond Chip
H-1.0 P-1.0
Dusty Babe  
Krogs Sizzl Leo 3 Delleo  
Sides Sadie  
Sizziling Bar Half Bar  
Chico Roxie  
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